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Helmet therapy: Our knowledge for your smallest patients

Just like many of your medical and therapeutic colleagues you have also noticed that more and more parents are worried about their infants' skull shape. It is true: Positional head deformation - primarily from babies being kept on their backs to prevent sudden infant death syndrome - has increased. 
You now do not want to send parents home with a simple, "They'll grow out of it!", but you want to provide them with specific answers to their questions and provide them with real help? You are a treating paediatrician, physical therapist or osteopath, we can provide you with important medical information and details ready at hand.




CRANIOfORM®-Original: Number one in Europe

We have the most experience by far in Europe for providing cranial orthesis. Several tens of thousands of small patients with cranial deformations have already been successfully treated with a CRANIOfORM® helmet. We bundled our knowledge from treatment, research and development in a large future ready international network, which continues to grow. Forums are held here among various specialists from a wide variety of disciplines, who use their expertise wisely to create the best possible functional and aesthetic benefit for our little ones.

Our philosophy: We have a responsibility to small patients to move forward with medical and technological innovations; always with the goal of improving your child's quality of life with soft and gentle therapy based on natural development and keep it at a high level over the long term.