Helmet Therapy.
The capacity for small heads.

Dr. Christoph Blecher

The oral and maxillofacial surgeon worked for more than 20 years at the Gießen University Hospital where he has treated children with positional head deformations using original-CRANIOfORM®-helmet therapy.

His experience and expertise in the evaluation of cranial growth imaging and measurement software, with innovations in helmet design and in advancing volume measurements - such as those made using the special CRANIOfORM Analytics® Software - are permanently included in the optimisation and perfecting of uniquely gentle and natural helmet therapy for the smallest patients.

In the mean time, the number of children Blecher has successfully treated using the CRANIOfORM® helmet has grown into the thousands.
Based on his years of experience in the area, the system for treating various positioning cranial deformation using the Blecher method was created. 

Today the enthusiastic doctor contributes his specific expertise in the diagnosis and treatment early infant cranial deformation to the large and continuously growing international CRANIOfORM®-expert network leading hospitals and highly specialized doctors. 

The father of two personally guarantees the continuous improvement of treatment strategies, in particular the CRANIOfORM® helmet therapy which is used at significant craniofacial centers throughout Europe.

"The continuous sharing of knowledge among renowned cranial experts as well as the permanent research and development in a professional network is important to me. They are part of my sense of duty towards our smallest patients."