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CRANIOfORM®: General information about cranial orthesis

Cranial deformation in infants due to positioning has become more prevalent in recent years. The focus is generally on therapy for postpartum head deformations which result from placing infants on their backs in order to prevent sudden infant death syndrome. Not all cases of cranial deformation can be treated with a cranial orthesis. Deformities stemming from premature suture synostosis generally require a surgical correction before the redirection of growth with helmet therapy can start. While deformities stemming from birth trauma are generally evened out with intracranial (blood) pressure and the growing brain, action is often needed for cranial deformations caused by the positioning of the infant. The treatment is based on the cause, the age of the child and the severity of the cranial deformation. Against this backdrop successful treatment needs two things: the precise diagnosis and a helmet produced to meet medical and technological requirements.

The decisive factor is a holistic therapeutic approach with the smooth integration of indications, therapeutic procedures and helmet production. In order to redirect cranial growth along the desired path, CRANIOfORM® treatment will first measure how much volume is missing in the relevant area to create the proper dimensions for a functional and aesthetic cranial form, how much cranial volume and where gentle growth redirection is needed.

CRANIOfORM® cranial orthesis:

CRANIOfORM Analytics®: Growth prognosis and quality control

The volume measurements - absolutely necessary for long-term treatment success - of the cranium are carried out with our specialised proprietary software, which records the extent of the cranial deformation in three dimensions: CRANIOfORM® Analytics. The program can precisely determine the missing cranial volume and thus make a measurement down to the millimetre of the cranial asymmetry. Special CAD software analyses the generated 3D photo data and thus supplies the measurements for the individual production of the cranial orthesis.




3D photo data set

CRANIOfORM Analytics®: Growth prognosis and quality control

The precise measurement and positioning data goes beyond simply determining the volumes and provides valuable information for estimating cranial growth and in turn the likely treatment period. Only with the valid and reliable data from the special calculation software is a permanently precise quality control possible during therapy - and thus the greatest possible assurance of successful treatment of cranial deformities.



CRANIOfORM Analytics® Software
CRANIOfORM Analytics® Screen measurement data
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CRANIOfORM Analytics® Screen Slices