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Helmet therapy: the costs

The costs for original-CRANIOfORM® helmet therapy vary according to severity and treatment intensity as well as treatment locations. Contact us. As soon as we have gathered all the information from an initial introduction appointment, we will calculate your total precise costs.

Helmet therapy: Support

Even though helmet therapy has been successful for many years in treating positional head deformations (plagiocephaly/ brachycephaly), the therapy is not statutory health insurance policy coverage. Statutory health insurance providers have the right to refuse to cover the costs. Our experience as well as the experience of parents revealed that insurers are prepared to approve requests in individual cases occasionally to cover some or even all of the associated costs, particularly for medically necessary therapeutic treatment for severe asymmetry.

If you want to make request for cost coverage by your health insurer, we are happy to prepare all necessary documents such as cost estimates, cost coverage request to the sponsor as well as image material and measurement data carefully for you and are available at any time for questions.

Please contact us with any further questions. Our experience is sure to help!



In our media department you can find video clips discussing individual cases of the cost coverage problems. Or simply view two of our recommended film clips right now: