On target.
Letting things take their natural course.

Before/after: visible success even with severe deformities

Still not sure? Sceptical?

After all, we are talking about your baby and you now have to make some of the most important decisions for a vital development phase. We take your fears seriously, as most of our CRANIOfORM® specialists are parents as well and understand exactly how you feel right now.

Take your time and have a look at how successful we have already been with the CRANIOfORM® helmet therapy for birth and positioning cranial deformations (over ten thousand treatments!). Compare the heads on display here with before and after treatment with a CRANIOfORM® helmet. Please note that our helmet therapy allows for symmetrical face and jaw growth even with severe asymmetry of the cranial base (differing positions of the ears). Take time to think things over; talk to other parents who have been through the same, you can turn to us at any time, and you can arrange a personal meeting with a specialist or whether you need any other information.

Enough words for now - the pictures speak for themselves.