Truly unique like your child.
Each helmet is one of a kind.

CRANIOfORM® helmet therapy: A few weeks of cranial orthosis

If your child has severe head deformation and repositioning attempts and physical therapy up to month 4/5 have not brought about any significant improvements, you should consider helmet therapy.

As part of our Original-CRANIOfORM® helmet therapy, we use the natural growth of your child and redirect it to the flatter areas.

Cranial form prior to helmet therapy
Modelled cranial form, helmet form
Ideal cranial form post therapy

The original CRANIOfORM® helmet is placed on the outermost area of the cranium. In the flattened area, the helmet leaves sufficient space for growth to compensate for the deformity. The helmet then gently directs cranial growth to the natural shape.

The head grows fastest in the first six months of life, meaning you need start CRANIOfORM® helmet therapy as early as possible (usually between the fourth and sixth month). Doing so keeps treatment times to a minimum. Depending on the age of the child and the extent of the asymmetry, treatment will take anywhere between eight weeks and eight months. Our proprietary measurement and analytical software can precisely calculate the time from the very start of therapy making sure you know how long it will last.

Your child will wear the helmet 23 hours a day during the treatment period. The helmet is only removed for one hour a day for skin care and cleaning.



CRANIOfORM® helmet therapy: Start as soon as possible

0 – 3 months

Preventative measures such as repositioning and physical therapy are recommended between the month 1 and 3.

4 – 7 months

Should cranial deformations be visible from the month 4, please bring your child to see one of our doctors. We are optimistic that your baby's cranial deformation can be fully evened out.

7 – 14 months

If your child is younger than 15 months at the start of treatment, our helmet therapy will be much more effective. The earlier therapy can start the better.




CRANIOfORM®-helmet therapy: lifelong success

Do you find the time your infant is forced to wear the helmet too long and difficult? We understand. However, our more than twenty years of experience with helmet treatment throughout Europe should ease your mind: Children adapt very quickly to the helmet and are not in any way limited in their mobility.

Why? Our helmets are perfectly fitted, ultra light weight and skin friendly. Your child will barely feel the cranial orthesis. But they will notice the treatment’s success - for their entire life! After therapy is complete and the head is back in its natural form, the basic shape will never change again!

During treatment you will have the support and care of the specially trained doctors and therapists in our CRANIOfORM® network. The process includes the introductory appointment, research into the cause and coordination of the treatment methods. The doctor will make a precise measurement of the child's cranium - using state-of-the-art, proprietary high precision and gentle measurement software developed by our doctors and engineers.



CRANIOfORM® helmet therapy: fast, gentle measurement

The photography procedure uses the best available 3D photo system (no lasers); it is high precision and records the measurement data needed for the specific design of the individual helmet in a mere 1.5 milliseconds - by comparison: A blink of an eye take about 150 milliseconds.

Precise measurements are essential for the subsequent CAD processing of the high quality information for a tailored and medically reliable products.

Our proprietary software, CRANIOfORM Analytics®, makes a 3D record of the cranial deformation and the volumes.

3D photo
Recording in 1.5 milliseconds

CRANIOfORM® helmet therapy: individual, precise fit production

The 3D photo data from the measurements is then processed using a special CAD program, which then calculates and individually determines your child's ideal head shape. The procedure helps us generate a model to act as the basis for an individual CRANIOfORM® therapy helmet, where child's head can grow unhindered at its individual growth rate. During the regular follow-up examinations we will take further 3D photos as needed in order to monitor and document treatment progress. Doing so allows to first to define where and how much the cranium is growing and second to also determine when the therapy can be completed.

The original-CRANIOfORM®-therapy helmet

Every original CRANIOfORM®therapy helmet is truly one of a kind. Just like your child.

We do not use any standardized forms; every helmet is individually planned and designed by CRANIOfORM® engineers and doctors and hand made by technicians specially trained by CRANIOfORM®. Exclusively in Germany and Switzerland!